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Good to get Win..Just!


Glasgow Hawks arrived at the Greenyards having defeated table toppers Heriots twice this season and in confident mood after taking the points from Gala last week. Although they currently sit at the bottom end of the BT Premiership table they arrived with the ambition of reaching touching distance of a top four spot. Hawks have the best defence in the league however they also have the poorest points scoring record, so it was always going to be a tough one and most likely a low scoring afternoon. The game certainly divided  supporter opinions, some thought we were lucky, some thought overall we deserved to win and some were just happy to get back into the bar and warm up both inside and what's out thoughts then? Firstly Hawks are most certainly a very well organised side and as defensively sound as any in the Premiership. They put teams  and importantly key individuals under pressure and that results in a greater chance of  their opponents making poor decisions. They defend absolutely on the border line of being offside. It's not easy to get a head of steam going  against them as could be seen by the first 20 minutes yesterday when all we could remember was the ref blowing his whistle for penalty after penalty and resetting scrums. Frustrating at times? - yes - a challenge to try and break them down? - absolutely, something we perhaps would not have achieved earlier in the season ? definitely. So why should we be happy well we didn’t allow them too  many opportunities, we stuck to the task and worked really hard for what could be a really vital win. The boys should be given a lot of credit for that. Individually, Tom Galbraith came on in the first half to replace the injured Austin Lockington at 10 for his first taste of Senior Rugby, a big ask in a game like this, and performed very well indeed. George Taylor (18yrs old) returned at 13 from playing school rugby at Loretto having not been involved for a number of weeks  and showed what huge potential he has and Lewis Carmichael took Man of the Match for the second week in a row. He's in great form at the moment especially with his North Berwick buddies deciding to come through en mass to support him - so he was just showing off really?...nope he's a cracker and a pleasure to work with. Peccles put in a great shift especially after being up all night breast feeding his newly born - I'm sure that’s what he said? maybe not. So all in all job well done, huge win and  our objective of recovering from some poor mid season results and be in a good position at Christmas accomplished. 2014 over?  well not quite we have the pleasure of  good day out on Boxing Day where, although theoretically there's not a lot at stake, (who is kidding who) I'm sure it will be a cracking game and some of our  boys will be desperate to grab a place for what will be a massive Cup game at Hawks on the 3rd January.

So what will 2015 bring? - well weather permitting we will have a good idea by the end of January. 3rd Jan Hawks Cup (a), 10th Currie (a), 17th Hawick (h) 24th Heriots (a), so remember someone said(probably Jim The Jannie)  " footprints in the sands of time are not made sitting down" so shake off the festive blues if you have them  and  get the wellies ready for a massive January.


By the way ma tele is rather nifty (Click here), you can speak to it and it goes on to the internet , speak again and it finds the website, speak again and it says sorry please say again. ??? - anyone got a idiots guide to a Panasonic smart--s tele. Theres no chance o' Santa coming down my lum safely  as its full of live tripwires now.

...and finally, a good Christmas and Happy New Year to al!!


Mike Dalgetty
Director of Rugby






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